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About us

Over the years, FILTRI FAZZINI has become an example in the field of industrial ecology, establishing itself as a leading company specialized in the design and production of filtering systems with filter-press, thereby increasing and developing its range of manual, semiautomatic and automatic machines without operator assistance.

The filter-press applications of FAZZINI are successful in terms of both environmental protection and production advantage for the industrial plant where they are installed for process filtering. In addition, they help private engineering firms and public entities find the best possible solutions for problems related to (liquid and semiliquid) polluting waste, as well as to the recycling of reusable substances, thereby ensuring significant advantages and protecting and preserving the natural environment we live in.

FILTRI FAZZINI has firmly believed in, and maintained in its production standards, these key features for the effectiveness and perfect functioning of the filter-press, which is a (stationary) machine subject to limited wear (components remain almost unaltered over time) and with low operating costs, due to the fact the required installed power is very low, and occasional maintenance can be alternated with sporadic washing and cleaning.

What we do

FILTRI FAZZINI has always manufactured filter-presses and provides assistance to an ever increasing number of demanding customers, improving the technology for the production of filtering devices thanks to the wide experience it has gained over time.

Our filter-presses offer excellent functioning and cost effective operation, and they are labour saving. Over the last years, FILTRI FAZZINI has developed solutions for all industrial sectors involved in the separation of solids from liquids, as well as machines to dehydrate sludge from the purification of municipal and industrial waste water. Since its incorporation the company has pursued the aim of designing simple and functional machines, being aware that this is the only way to really achieve cost effectiveness.

Thanks to our several years’ experience in this field, combined with the lab researches conducted up to now, we are able to produce machines characterized by excellent draining potential, which translates into high-speed filtration and excellent release of the exhausted cakes.

Besides the fact that dehydration can be totally independent of weather conditions, filter-presses ensure maximum effectiveness in reducing volume from sludge to the dehydrated cake, and they also offer significant savings in terms of space, cost and disposal, thereby reducing management costs.


Laboratory Filtration Testing

Filtri Fazzini has a chemical laboratory fitted out with pilot plants and equipment to test the feasibility of processes. (For more detailed information please send an e-mail to the following address: lab@labemiliani.it or visit the website www.labemiliani.it). This kind of testing is critical to identify the most appropriate treatment, optimize processes, test the performance of the plants, as well as provide help in the development of new systems.

Service and Maintenance

We ensure our customers direct and prompt servicing of their own plants, as well as maintenance of the filterpresses manufactured by others.

Second-Hand Filterpresses of any brand revamping

We also revamp filterpress of any brand.

Process Data Form

Tramite il nostro questionario raccogliamo i dati di impianto necessari al dimensionamento della macchina ottimale.

Through our questionnaire we collect the technical-data of the plant required for an optimum sizing of the machine.